I started my IT career in 1999 at a little company called IBM as a contractor. I was 19 years old and was making less than 20k a year (and it was awesome). I supported a database application called e-config. It was configuration software that configured IBM servers. AS400’s, RS6000, and the way cool xSeries. I continued my career at IBM moving from level one support to level 1.5, to level 2, I was a project manager for a few years and also a Lotus Database Admin. In January 2011 god told me it was time to move on from IBM and try to find something better. My wife found the job posting for a Database Analyst. God was giving her some direction to. I applied and well here I am a SQL Database Analyst. It is the most challenging and rewarding career I’ve had.

I quickly found that there is a huge SQL Community. I started attending SQL User Groups and taking as many SQL courses as my employer would allow. I don’t believe in just take, take, take so I started this blog. I also found that in Northern Colorado there were no database user groups. Therefore I created a team of other DBA’s and IT Directors to form Northern Colorado Database Professionals. Learning from each other is better than any blog, book, or class. Be sure to check out www.nocodp.org for upcoming events.


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